1. Theme Installation
  2. Home Page Setup
    1. Set Home Page
    2. Contact Information in Header
    3. Social Icon in Header
    4. Site Title, Logo and Favicon
    5. Home Page Slider
    6. Kyma Services
    7. Kyma Portfolio
    8. Kyma Team
    9. Kyma Testimonial
    10. Kyma Features
    11. Fun Facts
    12. Kyma Client
    13. Callout Option
  3. Create Kyma Advance Template
    1. Default Template
    2. 404 Pages
    3. Create Portfolio Template
    4. Create Contact Us Page Template
    5. Create Career Page Template
  4. Theme Option
    1. Main Settings
      1. General Settings
      2. Topbar Settings
      3. Slider Options
      4. Service Options
      5. Feature Options
      6. Blog Options
      7. Portfolio Options
      8. Fun Fact
      9. Team Option
      10. Testimonial Option
      11. Client Option
      12. Pricing Plan Option
      13. Callout Option
    2. Extra Option
    3. Career Option
    4. Basic Styling
    5. Social Media
    6. Contact Info
    7. Footer Option
    8. Home Page Customizer
    9. Maintenance
    10. Import/Export Option
  5. Comming Soon Mode


Kyma Theme is Responsive, Multi-Purpose, HTML5 / CSS3 Theme for Desktop, tablet, mobile phone.

Kyma Basic have many features few are as follows:

  • Fully Responsive Theme for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Phone.
  • Multi-Purpose Theme can be used for Business, E-commerce and Personal.
  • Kyma Advance Have 3 Types of Slider.
  • 4 Types of Service Sections.
  • 3 Types of Portfolio.
  • 3 Types of Testimonial.
  • 3 Type of Our Feature Section.
  • 2 Type of Client Section.
  • 3 Type of Team Section.
  • 3 Type of Stylish Fun Facts.
  • 3 Types of Pricing Plans.
  • 3 Type of Footer Call Out.
  • 3 Types of About US Page.
  • 3 types of Contact Page.
  • Career Page.
  • More Than 48  Templates.
  • Amassing shortcodes and many more.

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1. Theme Installation:

Upload Theme package zip folder using theme installer WordPress option Otherwise Any FTP (FileZilla).

We recommend you to upload extracted folder using FTP( FileZilla/Bitwise), In your host-server-directory/wp-content/themes.

After that Activate theme to go under WordPress site Admin Dashboard -> Appearance ->themes.

For More Information Follow this Link :-

Installed theme looks like this:


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2. Home Page Setup:

a. Set Home Page:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings Menu .

Here you can find Show Home Page option. Unchecked this option if you don’t want to show home page.

Set Static Page as Home page:

If you want to set Some other page as home page, follows this :

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading .

Set Front page displays option to  A static page. Then from front page drop down select page you want to set as home page and save changes.


Now go to  Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings Menu .

Unchecked Show Home Page Option and save changes. Now you static page will set as home page.


b. Contact Information in Header:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings Menu >> Contact info Sub-Menu.

Here you can enter your mobile number,email that will display in header of your site. You can also enable/ disable Contact information from there.

Header Contact Info Admin View:


Header Contact Info Front Page View:

c. Social Icon in Header:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings Menu >> Social Media Sub-Menu.

Here you can enter your Social Media Link that will display in header of your site. You can also enable/ disable Social Media from there.

Header Social Media Admin View:


Header Social Media Front Page View:


d. Site Title, Logo and Favicon:

Site Title and Favicon Icon 

To set Site Title and Favicon icon, go to Admin Dashboard >> Customizer under Site Identity tab.

Site Title and Favicon Icon Admin View:


Site Logo Image:

To set Site Logo Image, go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings Tab.

Find logo Setting Option There. Minimum Uploading Logo Size is 150*50.

@2x Logo for Retina Screens work for apple devices. Logo size must be twice the pixel size of your normal logo.

Site Logo Image Setting Admin View:


Site Title, Logo & Favicon Front Page View:


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e. Home Page Slider:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Kyma Slider >> Add New Slider.

Here you can give your slide title, sub title, slide description.

Set slider effect settings, add featured image, slide button text, slide button link, target etc.

Slider Admin View:


You can change Home page slider, enable/disable kenburn effect and its effect duration using theme option.

For slider theme option setting Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings Menu >> Slider Options Sub-Menu.

Slider theme option Admin View:


Slider Front Page View:


f. Kyma Services:

You can add Multiple services on home page to add services,

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Kyma Services >> Add New Service.

Here you can give your service title, slide description and link.

You can set service icon or image respectively using Service Icon or Set featured image option. Note* Service icon priority is high.


There is four type of service style you can select any one for your home page service style. To change service style or service column layout Go to

Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings Menu >> Service Options Sub-Menu.


Note* Service image work with only Style Two.

Service Front Page View:


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g. Kyma Portfolio:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Kyma Portfolio>> Add New Portfolio.

Here you can Enter your Portfolio title, Portfolio description, Additional Info, Portfolio Client, Skills and Portfolio Button that will display on single portfolio view.

You can also assign an External Link to a portfolio that will redirect you to given link rather than go to single portfolio view.

Kyma Portfolio Admin View:


For Portfolio theme option Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings Menu >> Portfolio Options.

Using Portfolio Theme Option you can set how portfolio should display on home page here are few settings for that

You can give Portfolio Section Title, Set an effect from given three effect, enable disable portfolio filter, set portfolio width, Set spacing option between portfolios and set home portfolio column layout which is two column, three column and four column.

Portfolio Theme Option Admin View:


Portfolio Front Page View:


Portfolio Single Page View:


h. Kyma Team:

You can add your company members using Kyma Team Option. To ade Members Go to Admin Dashboard >> Kyma Team >> Add New Member.

Here you can Enter Member Name, Detail Description, Designation, His social urls, And can upload Member Photo.

Kyma Team Admin View:


You can change Team Section style using theme option. to change style

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings >> Team Options.

Theme option for team section Admin View:


Team Front Page View:


i. Kyma Testimonial:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Kyma Testimonial >> Add New Testimonial.

Here you can Enter your Client Name, Testimonial, Client Designation, Client Site URL and can Upload Client Image using feature image option.

Kyma Testimonial Admin View:


Kyma Advance have two different style to show your testimonial. To change Testimonial Style and give title to Testimonial section Go to –

Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings Menu >> Testimonial Options.

Testimonial Theme Option Admin View:


Testimonial Front Page View:

Style 1: 


Style 2: 


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g. Kyma Features:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Kyma Features >> Add New Feature.

Here you can Enter Feature Name, Feature Icon, Feature Description and Feature Link.

Kyma Feature Admin View:


For Feature Theme Option Go to  :- Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings >> Feature Options.

Here you can set Feature Section Main Title, Feature Display Style, Feature Section Background Color and Feature Image. Note* Feature Image option available for only “Style 1”.

Feature theme option Admin View:


Feature Front Page View:


k. Fun Facts:

You can add Unlimited Fun Facts in Kyma Advance. For add Fun Facts

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings >> Fun Facts.

Here you select fun fact style among three styles, can select fun fact section background color. You can add multiple fun fact using Add Fun Fact button.

Fun Facts theme option Admin View:


Fun Facts Front Page View:


l. Kyma Client:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Kyma Clients >> Add New Client.

Here you can enter client title,  client URL and upload client logo.

Kyma Client Admin View:


Client Front Page View:


m. Callout Option:

You can Customize callout section using Theme Option. For edit callout section

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main Settings >> Callout Options.

Here you can select callout style among three style, you can give callout title, Description, callout button text, button icon and button link.

Callout theme option Admin View:


Callout Section Front Page View:


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3. Create Kyma Advance Template:

Kyma Advance theme comes with 45+ template pages. We are explaining below one by one each, how to use or activate different templates?

a. Default Template:

Default page can be used to show any of your content. You can  Create a Default page using these steps:

Go to Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Here you can create left side, right side and full width page.

Default Template Admin View:


Front View of Default Template. See the live demos of template:

1. Page Right Sidebar front end view:


2. Page Left Sidebar front end view

3. Page Full Width front end view

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b. 404 Pages:

404 Page template will be display when a visitor on a site request to see unavailable content. The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.

404 Page Front View:


c. Create Portfolio Template:

You can create Portfolio Template to show you amazing works. Kyma Advance have multiple Portfolio template style, you can select of theme. For create Portfolio Template follow these steps :-

Go to Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Here you can give page title, add contents, Set portfolio template style and add image for portfolio using image uploader

Portfolio Template Admin View:


Front View of Portfolio Template. See the live demos of template:

Style 1 :

  1. Portfolio Style 1 with Boxed Two column:


Portfolio Style 1 with Boxed Three column:

Portfolio Style 1 with Boxed Four column:

Portfolio Style 1 with Boxed Five column:

Portfolio Style 1 with Full Width Two column:

Portfolio Style 1 with Full Width Three column:

Portfolio Style 1 with Full Width Four column:

Portfolio Style 1 with Full Width Five column:

Style 2 :

Portfolio Style 2 with Boxed Two column:

Portfolio Style 2 with Boxed Three column:

Portfolio Style 2 with Boxed Four column:

Portfolio Style 2 with Boxed Five column:

Portfolio Style 2 with Full Width Two column:

Portfolio Style 2 with Full Width Three column:

Portfolio Style 2 with Full Width Four column:

Portfolio Style 2 with Full Width Five column:

Masonry Style 1: 

  1. Boxed Style               2.  Full Width              3.  Column

Masonry Style 2 : 

  1. Boxed Style               2.  Full Width              3.  Column

Single Portfolio :

Single Portfolio

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d. Create Contact Us Page Template:

Go to Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Here you found three contact us page templates, you can select any of them for you contact us page.

Contact Us Template Admin View:


You can Change contact us contact and address information from theme option for this

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Contact Info.

Theme Option View: 


1. Contact Us Page 1 live demo

2. Contact Us Page 2 live demo

3. Contact Us Page 3 live demo

e. Create Career Page Template:

Go to Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Career Page Template Admin View:


You can define available Job Position using theme option

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Career Option.

Theme Option View:


Click Here Live Demo of Career Page

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4. Theme Option:

a. Main Settings:

i. General Settings:

Show Home Page :-

This Option can be used Show Home Page or not. If you want to set Static page as home page than unchecked this option.

Dark Sub Menu on Header :-

This Option is used for set menu dark or light.

Site Layout Style :-

This Option is used for Boxed or Wide Site Layout.

Footer Widget Layout :-

Use this option for set columns for footer widgets. You can set Footer Layout as Two column, Three Column or Four Column.

Logo & Favicon Options

Logo Layout :-

This Option can be use to align logo Left or Right on Top Header.

Logo :-

Use this option to upload logo on your site. By default Logo Text Title will be shown. You can change text title form Customizer. Minimum Uploaded Logo Size is 150px*50px.

Upload Your @2x Logo for Retina Screens :-

This Option can be used for Retina Screen Logo. This will work with I-phone I-pad, Mac Book. Retina Logo size Must be just 2x (width and Height) than Normal Logo size.

Sitename Logo Font :-

Use this Option for size and style your Site Name, if you don’t use an image logo.

Logo Width :-

Set Logo Width using this option.

Logo Spacing :-

Use these option for logo Top, Bottom, Left, Right Spacing.

Upload Favicon :-

Upload Favican Icon Using this option.

Side Header :-

Check this option for Left Side Header. On check this Option Your Site Header set on Left side of Page.

Header Style :-

Used this option for Fixed or Static Header. You can find changes when you scroll down.

Header Color Scheme :-

Set Header Color Scheme Light, Dark or Transparent.

Custom CSS Editor :-

Paste your custom css. Don’t use style tag.

ii. Topbar Settings:

Use Topbar :-

Choose on or off to show or hide top bar respactivily.

Show Cart total in header :-

This option works only if you are using WooCommerce Plugins.

Display Search in Header :-

Use On/Off setting to show/hide Search Box in Header.

Topbar Layout Switch :-

This Option Switch Top bar item (Contact information and Social Icons) left side items to the right side and right side items to the left side.

iii. Slider Options:

Choose a Home Image Slider :-

Three Type of Home Page Slider comes with Kyma Advance. If you don’t want an image slider on your home page click on ‘x’ icon of drop down to unselect item and save changes.

Revolution Slider 1 + Revolution Slider 2 :
  1. Enable Kenburn effect on slider :- Use Option to enable/disable Slider image animation.
  2. Kenburn effect duration :- If Kenburn Effect is enable you can set effect duration ( How long the Animation of Kenburns Effect Should Go). The value in Millisecond . i.e. 3000 will make a 3 second zoom and movement.

iv. Service Options:

Choose a Home Service Style :-

This Option can be used to change Home Service Style. There is Four Type of Style available you can select any of them.

Home Service Title :-  This Title will be shown on home page above the services.

Home Service Layout :-  Select Home Service Layout e.g. 2,3 or 4 column.

Service Two Bottom Image :–  This Option work with only style Two. You can use this option to set image on bottom of the service Section.

v. Feature Options:

Home Feature Title :-

This Title will be shown on home page above the Feature section.

Feature Style :-

There is three style available, you can select any one as home feature Style.

Background Color :-

Select Background Color for Our Feature Section.

Feature Image :-

This Option work with only Feature Style One. Uploaded Image will be display Right side of Feature Section.

vi. Blog Options:

Home Blog Title :-

This title will be shown on home page above the Blog Posts Section.

About Author Title :-

This will be displayed on single post.

Related Posts Title :-

This will be displayed on single post.

No. of Load Posts :-

Use this option to show number of blog posts to home.

vii. Portfolio Options:

Show Portfolio Filter :-

This Option can be used to Show or Hide Portfolio Filter.

Home Portfolio Title :-

This Title will be shown on home page above the Portfolio Section.

Home Portfolio Style :-

There is Three Style available select any one for your Home Portfolio Style.

Home Portfolio Width :-

Use this option to set Home Portfolio Section Full Width or Boxed Width.

Portfolio has space :-

Enable/Disable space between portfolios.

Home Portfolio Column :-

Use this option to make Home Portfolio Section 2, 3 or 4 Column.

viii. Fun Fact:

Fun Fact Section Style :-

There is Three  Style available for Fun Fact Section. You can select any one of them.

Fun Fact Title :-

This option can be used to give Fun Fact Title. This Title will be Display above of Fun Fact Section.

Fun Fact Background Color :-

Use this option for set Fun Fact Section Background Color, make it Blank for Default Background color.

Add Fun Fact :-

Use this option to add Fun Facts. Use Add Fun Fact Botton to add more Fun Facts.

ix. Team Option:

Home Team Title :-

This title will be shown on home page above the Team Section.

Team Section Style :-

Three Style available for Team Section, you can select any one of them.

x. Testimonial Option:

Testimonial Title :-

This title will be shown on home page above the Testimonial Section.

Testimonial Section Style :-

Two Style available for Testimonial Section, you can select any one of them.

xii. Client Option:

Home Client Style :- You can set your home client style from Style 1 or Style 2.

xii. Pricing Plan Option:

Home Pricing table Style :-

Two Pricing table style available you can select any of them.

Home Pricing Table Title :-

This title will be shown on home page above the Pricing Table Section.

Home Pricing Table Background Color :-

Select Any of the Background Color for Pricing Table. Leave Blank for Default color.

xiii. Callout Option:

Home Call Out Style :-

Use this option to change your home Call Out style.

Call-Out Title :-

Give your Call-out Title from Here.

Call-Out Description :-

Use this option for Call-Out Description.

Call-Out Button Text :-

Give your Call-out Button Text from Here.

Call-Out Button Icon :-

Use font awesome icon for Call Out Button Icon, i.e. fa fa-eye.

Call-Out Button Link :-

Use this Option to Give link on Call-Out Button.

Open link in New tab :-

Checked option if you want to Open Call-Out Button Link in new tab or unchecked for same tab.

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b. Extra Option:

If you want to show some more extra content on home page. i.e Text or Short Codes use this option.

c. Career Option:

Career Form Title :-

Give Your Career Form Title Here.

Job Position :-

Add Job Position you are Hiring for.

d. Basic Styling:

Site Preloader :-

Select Site Loading Icon for drop down.

Theme Color Scheme :-

Choose one color scheme for your site. Note :- changes made in options panel will override this stylesheet. Example: Colors set in typography.

Enable Custom Color :-

Use this option for select Custom Color for your site. After Enabling it, Theme Skin Stylesheet will not work.

Custom Color Scheme :-

This option Show when you Enable Custom Color Option. Now you can set Custom Color for there. Transparent work as default color.

e. Social Media:

Enable Social Icon in Header :-

Use this option to Show/Hide social icons in header.

Enable Social Icon in Footer :-

Use this option to Show/Hide social icons in footer.

Social URL :-

If you enable social icon only those icon will show which url you give.

f. Contact Info:

Contact Information :-

Use this option to show Contact Information in Header.

Contact Email Address :-

Mansion your Email Address Here.

Phone Number :-

Mansion your Phone Number Here.

Contact Us Page Options
Address Info :-

Show/Hide Contact Address Information from contact us page.

Contact Address Heading :-

Mansion your Contact Address Heading using this option.

Address Title Icon :-

Give Icon for Address Title.

Contact Form Heading :-

Give Contact Form Heading using this option.

Contact Form Icon :-

Give Icon for Contact Form.

Address :-

You can add no of address using this option. Like:- Branch Office, Head Office, Company Office etc.

Google Map Options
Google Map :-

Use this Option to Show/Hide google map from contact us page.

Google Map Title :-

Give your Google Map Title here.

Google Map URL :-

Mansion you google map url.

How to Get Google Map URL :-

Search You Address location on google map. Then click on share link , after a popup window will open. Click on embed map tab. Now copy the src url, like:-!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d115548.29565529007!2d75.77690830707134!3d25.17338631988877!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x396f9b30c41bb44d%3A0x5f5c103200045588!2sKota%2C+Rajasthan!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sin!4v1452175111142  and past it to google map url text box.


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h. Home Page Customizer:

Homepage Layout Manager :-

Use this option to Organize homepage. Enable section are display on home page. You can manage section by drag and drop field in enable disable option.

i. Maintenance:

Enable Maintenance Mode :-

Use this option to enable/disable maintenance mode.

Maintenance Mode Title :-

Give Maintenance Mode Title Here. This will display on Maintenance mode page.

Maintenance Mode Description :-

Give Maintenance Mode Description Here.

Maintenance Mode Date :-

Select day when your site goes live.

Background Image :-

Set Background image for Maintenance Mode. you can upload three background images.

j. Import/Export Option:

This Option can be used to Import/Export your all site settings. Note :- Image will not import/export using this option, only text content and setting will import or export.

Import Option :-

Use this option to import from file or url. WARNING! This will overwrite all existing option values, please proceed with caution!

Export Option :-

Here you can copy/download your current option settings. Keep this safe as you can use it as a backup should anything go wrong, or you can use it to restore your settings on this site (or any other site).

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5. Comming Soon Mode:

When you site is Under construction then coming soon pages are the right tool to get your visitor attention and convincing them of a website redesign by keeping them hooked social networks etc.

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Maintenance mode.

Here you can enable maintenance mode (coming soon page), Give title and description, set date when you site goes live and set background images.

Coming soon Admin view: 


Click Here for Comming Soon Page live demo

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IMPORTANT: If you found a bug in Kyma Advance or have any problem/question concerning the Theme, please post your query into Kyma Advance Support Forum here in our Forum. If you do not find a solution here, do not hesitate to contact us at webhuntinfotech (at) gmail (dot) com.


Thanks For Reading This Document.

WebHunt Infotech