Custom Login Page plugin give ability to customize your WordPress login screen according to you. Create unique login design with Custom Login Page plugin, Almost every element on login page is customizable with Custom Login Page plugin. Design beautiful and eye catching login page styles in few Minutes.

Plugin allows to change background color, background image, login form color, login form font size, login form position, input field styling, button styling, logo image, link text, welcome message, google captcha and many more…


  • Error Messages – One of the main feature of the Login Page Customer Pro. You can change every error message that user will get depending on the outcome of login attempts, registration attempts or forget attempts.
  • Social Media Login – Custom Login Page Pro plugin have Social Login that allows your user to log in via their social media account like Facebook, Google, Twitter with few clicks.
  • Max Login Retry – Set the limit of maximum login retry attempts by user on login form.
  • Email Notification of User Lockouts – Get email notification after the number of failed attempts.
  • Failed Login Attempts Logs – Plugin save failed login attempts detail so you can easily find detail of spam and bots
  • Restrict Unauthorized IP – You can add the IP address or IP range to the blacklist. The user will no longer able to login.
  • Manually Added Wishlist IP – You can add the IP address or IP range to the whitelist. The user will no longer face the limitation restriction.
  • Login Form Logo – You can add your own logo image or text logo of company & brand.
  • Login Form Background – Add colors, image, slide show on background of login page.
  • Overlay Color Settings – Set overlay color and opacity on login page background image.
  • Login Form Design – You can change your login form design with position, height & width, colors, background colors, icons, placeholder text, label text and buttons.
  • ** Login Form Transparency** – Make your login form transparent using this option.
  • Redirect Users After Login – Admin can redirect it’s existing user after login to a particular page.
  • Welcome message – You can add Welcome Message on your Login, Registration, Lost Password and Logout page.
  • Google reCpatcha – reCaptcha setting will secure your login form to spam and bots.
  • Interactive Plugin Dashboard – Plugin setting dashboard is intuitive and simple in design with tool tips for complex settings.
  • Fast Help & Support – Our support is super fast and quick you can check free plugin review for this.
  • Major Browser Compatible – Plugin is compatible with major browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.