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How To Setup Home Page in Our Lite Theme

Go to admin dashboard and Create a new page title it Home now select Home template from right side of the editor and publish the page.

See below screen-shot


Now go to Settings >> Reading 
Select  A static page (select below) option
From Front Page drop-down select the page we have created earlier i.e. Home
save the settings .

See below screen-shot


Now go to Appearance  >> Customize >> Kyma Options

in Slider options enable home slider and select  the post from drop-down you want to use as Slider. If you have not created Post for slider create new from Admin Dashboard >> Posts >> Add new .
NOTE: Don’t use existing posts as slider otherwise images will be not show properly.

To add portfolio download and install Photo Video Gallery Master plugin add some images to it and put generated shortcodes into Appearance  >> Customize >> Kyma Options >> Portfolio Options

save the changes.

If you have any query feel free to ask in comments.


How to get twitter Token access to display twitter feed on Kyma Theme

To get the Access Token & Consumer key of your twitter account follow the below steps

  1. First of all head over to and sign in with the same credentials that you use to access the Twitter account that you intend to output from.
  2. Select Tools -> Manage Your Apps from the home page (in footer ), then Create New App.
  3. Type in a sensible name, like “Feed for my website”, a description like “API access for my website” and the url of your website.  Agree to the terms and submit.
  4. You’ll be taken to the details page of the ‘app’ you’ve just created. Under Application Settings hit the Manage Keys and Access Tokens link.
  5. Note down the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Then hit the Create Access Token and again note down the generated Access Token and Access Token Secret. You now have everything needed to access your Twitter account through the API.
  6. Put these keys into your Kyma Premium Theme Option panel and save the option.

That’s it your twitter feed is successfully integrated to your website  .

Add Gallery Posts in Our Lite Theme

To add gallery posts in Matrix or kyma theme. First go to Add New Post add some title and some content . Now click on Add Media  button above the editor ,now create a gallery select or upload some images and click on Insert into Post buton, Publish The Post.

That’s it Now that post show those images in slider.

If you have query ask in comment.

How to translate any translation-ready theme

For this documentation, we use Kyma there as a example. Kyma is translation ready in order to fulfill our customers needs from all around the world. With Kyma you can have your website in any language you need in a very easy way.

For this you can use any translation plugin like Polylang or WPML. For this tutorial we are going to usePolylang.

First step is to install the plugin. You can do that from your Dashboard->Plugins->Add New. After this process is over, you need to activate it. After activation please go into Polylang Settings. The Settings section will give you access to choose the language(s) you need for your website. (For further details, please check Polylang documentations.)

After this you can start translating your website.

-To translate the options in Customizer, first make sure that  you have saved your own content and then go to Polylang->Strings Translation where you will find your strings in order for you to enter your own translation.

-Another way is to use POEdit to create your own .po and .mo files from kyma’s .pot file with your translations and place them into Languages folder. Make sure you use the right names for these files to match the language you need. For example, for Romanian, you would have ro_RO.po and

-To translate the widgets you just need to create separate widgets for each language and you will get a button with the following text “The widget is displayed for:” and just select the language.

-To translate posts and pages follow this:

Are you using a child theme ?

In this case, you need to take an extra step.

Please copy the file called wpml-config.xml from you parent theme’s folder into the child theme’s folder, open it and change the line:

<key name=’kyma_theme_options’>


<key name=’kyma_theme_options_ child_theme_example‘> where you need to replace child_theme_example with your child theme’s folder.

After this step, you should be able to translate the strings using Polylang->Strings Translation.

How to create a Child theme

If you make changes to a theme’s files, those changes are likely to be overwritten when you next update the theme. In order to prevent that from happening, we create a child theme in which you can make create copies of a theme’s files and tweak them, without fear of it being overwritten by any future theme updates.

We recommend all of our customers to create a child theme, even if they’re not planning on modifying theme files anytime soon. It’s not hard to create one, you just need to follow the following instructions.

First Method:

All you need to do is create one folder, and stylesheet and functions file. And make sure that you have FTP access, before you continue reading this documentation.
Log into your website using your favorite FTP client, such as FileZilla, and navigate to wp-content/themes/ directory. This is the directory where all your themes are living a happy life.
Now, you need to create a new folder for your child theme. You can name it anything. For this example, we will be creating a child theme of    Matrix Premium, so we will name it matrix-pro-child.
Once you have created your folder, you need to create a style.css file inside that folder. Your stylesheet will consist some vital information inside it, so paste the following in it using your favorite text editor:
   Theme Name: Matrix Pro Child
   Theme URI: 
   Description: This is a custom child theme I have created.
   Author: Jon Doe
   Template: matrix-premium
   Version: 0.1 

Now, we need to load the stylesheet of the parent theme. Create a file named functions.php in the child theme folder, edit it, and paste the following:

add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'child_enqueue_styles',99);
function child_enqueue_styles() {
    $parent_style = 'parent-style';
    wp_enqueue_style( $parent_style, get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css' );
	 wp_enqueue_style( 'child-style',get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/custom.css', array( $parent_style ));
if ( get_stylesheet() !== get_template() ) {
    add_filter( 'pre_update_option_theme_mods_' . get_stylesheet(), function ( $value, $old_value ) {
         update_option( 'theme_mods_' . get_template(), $value );
         return $old_value; // prevent update to child theme mods
    }, 10, 2 );
    add_filter( 'pre_option_theme_mods_' . get_stylesheet(), function ( $default ) {
        return get_option( 'theme_mods_' . get_template(), $default );
    } );

Now, Create a file named custom.css in the child theme folder, and add your CSS code there. It make easier to handle CSS code in separate file.

That’s all. You just to save your progress and that’s it.


Second Method :

There is one more method for creating child theme directory, everything is same except you have to create just one file inside child theme folder and name it style.css and paste the code given below :

   Theme Name: Matrix Pro Child
   Theme URI: 
   Description: This is a custom child theme I have created.
   Author: Jon Doe
   Template: matrix-premium
   Version: 0.1 
   @import url(../matrix-premium/style.css);

Now you just need to add CSS inside this file(style.css) to make it update proof.


Now, if you’re creating a child theme for any other theme, then you just need to replace matrix-premium in above codes with the folder name of your theme.

Now just go back to Appearance > Themes, in your WordPress dashboard, and activate the theme. 🙂
And if you already made some changes in your parent theme from Customizer, and they will probably won’t appear after activating your child theme. So to solve that, you can use   Customizer Export Import plugin.