This plugin allows you to implement a photo gallery, video gallery and link gallery page into your website.

Design various types of image, video, link gallery using this plugin. Apply animation and transition effect on photos gallery to give an attractive look. you can use this plugin to your portfolio, gallery or videos.

Plugin Demo: Gallery Demo


  1.  Plugin Installation
  2.  Add New Gallery
  3.  Publish Gallery in Page
  4.  Gallery Settings
  5.  Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    1. How to resolved column falling down issue?

Here we explaining how you can installation, configuration and publishing various galleries using Photo Video Gallery Master Pro plugin.

Follow these steps to Publish you gallery :

1. Plugin Installation:

After download plugin Upload & Activate plugin into WordPress site.


Now Plugin is successfully installed

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Go to Photo Video Gallery Master Pro plugin menu, then click on Add New Gallery button.


Now Enter your photo gallery title and click on Add New Media button

Add New Gallery

When you click on Add New Media button than a pop window will appears that is Multiple Image Uploader. Using multiple image uploader you can upload and add multiple images in any gallery.

Use CTRL key to select multiple images randomly and Use SHIFT key to select multiple images continuously. Now click on Select button to insert selected images into galleries.



Display Type:- Now you can select Display Type for each image. There are three types for each image.

  1. Image :- If you select Type as Image than upon clicking to that image thumbnail into gallery, Image will preview in light-box.
  2. Video :- If you select Type as  Video than upon clicking to that image thumbnail into gallery, Video will play in light-box which is specified into Video URL Filed.
  3. Link :- If you select Type as  Link than upon clicking to that image thumbnail into gallery, Link will redirect you on a URL which is specified into Link Filed.

Label & Description :- Label  & Description is display on image hover in the gallery.

Remove Button :- Remove button ( x ) use to remove image from gallery.


Use Gallery Shortcode to publish gallery in any Page / Post.

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When you create gallery you can publish gallery in any Page/Post.

Go to All Galleries menu page, copy the gallery short code like :- [PVGMP id=190]


Now Go to Add New Page using Pages menu. Give Title to page and paste your copied [PVGMP id=190] shortcode into page content editor. Click on Publish button to publish your gallery into page.



Gallery Preview into Page:


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Through gallery settings you can configure Hover Effect, Image Layout, Font Styling, Gallery Layout, Image Button, Light box Styles, Image border settings and many more. Check the all settings in below snapshot:

Gallery Settings

Explaining the each settings one by one.

4.1.  Transition Effect:

Transition effect works when you hover mouse on any image displayed into gallery. There are  10 Transition effect available in plugin settings.



4.2. Masonry Thumbnails:

Masonry is a grid layout based on columns. It doesn’t have fixed height rows. Masonry layout optimizes the use of space inside the web page by reducing any unnecessary gaps. It adds elements one after another, first in the horizontal direction, then vertically. Live demo Click-Here.

Note – Masonry Effect must be Work with Only Rectangle Image Layout. So if you check yes to masonry thumbnail than Image Layout setting will be disappear for that gallery until you unset masonry thumbnail.



4.3. Image Layout:

Select Rectangle / Circle option to set image layout style.



4.4. Image Hover Color:

Image Hover color applies on image background when you hover mouse on image. Using Color Picker you can easily set any color for background.



4.5. Image Label Background Color:

Label Background color applies on Image Label background when you hover mouse on image.



4.6. Image Label Text Color:

Label text color applies on Image Label Text when you hover mouse on image.



4.7. Image Description Color:

Use this option to change Description Text color when you hover mouse on image.



4.8. Button Text Background Color:

Use this option to change Button Text Background color.



4.9. Button Text Background Color:

Use this option to change Button Text color.



4.10. Image Hover Color Opacity:

Color opacity allows setting transparency between image and background color. Using 0.1 to 1 range you apply transparency on images.



4.11. Show Gallery Title:

You can show or hide your gallery title using this setting.



4.12. Show Image Label:

You can show or hide your images label using this setting.



4.13. Show Image Description:

You can show or hide your images Description using this setting.



4.14. Read More Button:

You can show or hide Read More button using this setting.



4.15. Button Text:

You can give Read More button text using this setting. This option show when you enable read more button.



4.16. Gallery Layout:

You can apply 3 types of layouts on your gallery. We suggest to use a full width page template of your theme to give each column layout a beautiful look and feel.



4.17. Open Link:

You can use this option to open link in same tab or in new tab. This option will be apply when you select image type as link.



4.18. Font Style:

520 Goggle Font Styles integrated with plugin. Font styles apply on image title text when you hover mouse on any image.



4.19. Lable Font Size:

You can set Label Font Size using this option between 11 to 24.



4.20. Description Font Size:

You can set Description Font Size using this option between 10 to 20.



4.21. Light Box Styles:

Pro version comes with 2 types of image display lightbox. Both light boxes are effective with full image display option.



4.22. Image Border:

By using this setting you can enable/ disable Image border.



4.23. Image Border Size:

If you enabled image border setting than you can set image border size using this option in between 1 to 10.image-border-size


4.24. Image Border Color:

This option is use to set color on image border. By using color picker you can easily do that.



4.25. Custom CSS:

This text field is used to apply custom CSS on this plugin. Custom CSS must be enter without using style tag. Simply write a custom css without < style > tag into below textarea field.


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5. Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1. How to resolved column falling down issue?

If you have issue of column falling down. Please follow below instruction to resolved this issue.

Open photo-video-gallery-master-pro-shortcode.php file and find below line of code over there.

.PVGMP_gallery .row .<?php echo $PVGMP_Gallery_Layout; ?>{
     padding-left:5px !important;
     padding-right:5px !important;

Change padding-left and padding-right value to 0px.
Save the changes.

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IMPORTANT: If you found a bug in Photo Video Gallery Master Pro plugin or have any problem/question concerning the plugin, please post your query into Photo Video Gallery Master Pro Support Forum here in our Forum. If you do not find a solution here, do not hesitate to contact us at webhuntinfotech (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks For Reading This Document.

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