Elixar Premium

  1. Theme Installation
  2. Theme Styling
    1. Site Layout
    2. Theme Color
    3. Footer Layout
  3. Top Bar Setup
    1. Contact Information in Header
    2. Social Icon in Header & Footer
    3. Site Title, Logo and Favicon
  4. Home Page Setup
    1. Set Home Page
    2. Home Page Slider
    3. Home Services
    4. Home Portfolio
    5. Home Team
    6. Home Testimonial
    7. Home Features
    8. Home Post/Blog
    9. Fun Facts
    10. Pricing Table
    11. Home Client
    12. Callout Option
    13. Home Contact
    14. Footer Widget
  5. Create Elixar Advance Template
    1. Default Template
    2. 404 Pages
    3. Create Portfolio Template
    4. Create Contact Us Page Template
    5. Create About us Page Template
    6. Create Blog Page Template
  6. Custom Short codes
  7. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    1. How to create child theme of Elixar premium?
    2. How to change Image resolution of Elixar slider?
    3. How to Re-Order Posts and Custom Post Types Contents?
    4. How to show woocommerce product on home page?
    5. How to add, remove and re-order home sections?


Elixar Premium Theme for Desktop, tablet, mobile phone. 100% Responsive Multi Purpose and Multi Pages Theme. Elixar is Created with Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.2 Framework. Elixar is a great design idea for website of Creative Corporate, Corporation, Company Profile, Personal Portfolio, and more …

Create Outstanding Website or Blog in Minutes!. Awesome Design, Unique Concepts, Scalable Responsive, Amazing flexibility, Dark and Light Scheme. Elixar has static and fixed header feature. it’s developed with lots of care and love. theme has two, three, four footer layout feature.We focused on usability across various devices, starting with smart phones.it is compatible with various devices. Elixar is a Cross-Browser Compatible theme that works on All leading web browsers.

Elixar is easy to use and user friendly theme. Elixar is Retina-Ready theme. Elixar has boxed and full-width layout feature. Theme compatible with woocommerce. Elixar is a fully woocommerce tested theme you just add woocommerce plugin and product and its other required contents. Elixar is translation ready theme with WPML compatible & Many More….. Its a newly developed theme and awesome design and creative theme.

Elixar Premium have many features few are as follows:

  • Fully Responsive Theme for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Phone.
  • Multi-Purpose Theme can be used for Business, E-commerce and Personal.
  • Elixar Premium come with 2 Type of Beautiful Slider.
  • You can also use Hero Image/Video and Plugin Shortcode for Slider
  • Elixar Premium have 4 Types of Service Sections.
  • Portfolio Section with Two, Three or Four Column Layout.
  • Testimonial Section with Background Image.
  • Elixar Premium have 2 Type of Feature Section.
  • Client Section, Team Section. 
  • Unlimited Stylish Fun Facts.
  • Pricing Plans with Two, Three or Four Column Option.
  • Three Type of Footer Call Out designs.
  • About US, Contact US, Blog, Service, and Portfolio Pages.
  • Multi Color Option.
  • Amassing short-codes and many more.

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 1. Theme Installation:

Upload Theme package zip folder using theme installer WordPress option Otherwise Any FTP (FileZilla).

We recommend you to upload extracted folder using FTP( FileZilla/Bitwise), In your host-server-directory / wp-content / themes.

After that you need to Activate theme, for this go to WordPress site Admin Dashboard -> Appearance ->themes.

For More Information Follow this Link :- https://www.webhuntinfotech.com/install-premium-theme-wordpress-directory/

Installed theme looks like this:

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 2. Site Styling

a. Site Layout & Background:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >>Customize >> General Settings >> Site Layout & Background.

You can set site layout box with or full width using Site Layout Option and you can set background image or color if you are using box layout.

Site Layout Manager Admin View:

b. Theme Color:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customizing  >> General Settings >> Basic Styling

Here you can choose predefined Theme Color Schema or Enable Custom Color Option.

c. Footer Layout:

Here you can change Ribbon Settings, Column Layout (2 Column, 3 Column or 4 Column), Background Color, Text Color, Widget Title Color, Link Color or Link Hover Color.

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 3. Top Bar Setup:

a. Contact Information in Header:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Header Information.

Here you can set header image, enable header content and shopping cart, contact details like your mobile number,email that will display in header of your site.

Header Contact Info Admin View:

Header Contact Info Front Page View:

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b. Social Icon in Header:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Social Option.

Here you can Enable Tap Bar Social and Footer Social Icons.

You can enter Footer Social Title and set Social Link.

Header Social Media Admin View:

Header Social Media Front Page View:

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c. Site Title, Logo and Favicon:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Customize >> General Settings >> Site Logo/Title/Tagline

Here you can set logo image or site title for your site. Minimum Uploading Logo Size is 150*50.

You can enable Tagline with check the option Site Title and Tagline.

There is option to align to logo on left or right.

Logo Image, Site Title and Favicon Icon Admin View:

Logo Image, Site Title & Favicon Front Page View:

 4. Home Page Setup:

a. Set Home Page:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> All Pages >> Add New Page

Create a page name Home.

Now Go to Admin Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading.

Set Front page displays option to  A static page. Then from front page drop down select page you want to set as home page and save changes.


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b. Home Page Slider:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Elixar Slider >> Add New Slider.

Here you can give your slide title, background image, background overlay color, slide description, button one and button two.

Minimum uploading size of background slider image is 1440*960 px and secondary image (Feature Image) is 306*442  px.

Slider Admin View:

Slider styling and other settings are given in customize.

For slider setting go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Section : Hero.

(I) Slider Settings :

From Slider Settings you can enable/disable slider and change slider id.

Slider One (Theme Slider) :- 

Using Theme Slider(default) you can use activate slider. Theme slider have two styles, you can use any of them.

Minimum size for slider images :-

  1. Full Image (Background Image) 1450 * 530 px.
  2. Png Image 460 * 310 px.

Style Two (video Background):

If you set hero image or video background you have to select Home Slider Style as Image/Video Background. In this you have to set Top and Bottom Padding, Background Image and Overlay Color.

For Video background you have to enter YouTube or Vimeo video URL.

Other than this, you can give title, description and set two buttons on image.

Style Three (Plugin Slider):

If you don’t want to use theme default slider and hero image than you can use plugin slider.

Install any plugin and enter the shortcode here

Slider Style One (Default) Front Page View:

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c. Home Services:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Section: Services.

(I)  Services Settings:

Here you can enable service section, set The section id, we can use this for link anchor), Section Title, Section Description & Services Layout Setting.

Service Default Settings Admin View:

(II)  Service Content Settings:

To add service on home page you need to create page and you need to give page title and content.

Page title work as service title, page content work as service description and featured image as a full image.

Now you just need to select pages that you want to show as services

Click  “Add an item” button. A Service Drop-down will show you.

Here you can select icon type, if you select the icon then click on icon button, icon list will open and select icon which you want to use as a service icon and if you select a “Icon Type” image, then upload button will show you and upload the custom image icon as a service icon.

Now select page from “Select a page” field.

For more services click on “Add an item” button.

You can adjust service icon size with “Icon Size” drop-down field.

Service Content Admin View:

Service Front Page View:

Style 1:-

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d. Home Portfolio:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Elixar Portfolio>> Add New Portfolio.

Here you can Enter your Portfolio Title, Portfolio Description, Portfolio Image.

Portfolio Client, Website URL and Skills that will display on single portfolio view.

You can also assign an External Link using Portfolio URL option that will redirect you to given link rather than go to single portfolio view.

Minimum uploading size for Portfolio:

  1. Portfolio image 555*420 px
  2. Portfolio Fluid Full 635 * 423 px.

Elixar Portfolio Admin View:

Using Portfolio Option you can set Portfolio Column Layout, Section Title, Portfolio Page Template Title and Related Project Title, Background Color, Text Color etc.

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Section: Portfolio

(I) Section Settings :

For Section Settings you can Enable/Disable Portfolio Section, Set Section Id, Section Title and Portfolio Column Layout.

(II) Section Content :

Form Section Content you can Enable/Disable Portfolio Filter, Portfolio Page Template Title and Related Project Title, Background Color, Text Color.

Using Portfolio Category you can show portfolio form Specific Category.

Portfolio Front Page View:

Portfolio Single Page View:

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e. Home Team:

You can add your company members using Elixar Team Option. To add Members Go to

Admin Dashboard >> Elixar Team >> Add New Member.

Here you can Enter Member Name, Description, Member Designation, Email Id, His social URL’s, YouTube URL.

You can upload Member Photo using Featured Image Option will display on home team section and also add gallery will display on single page view as slideshow.

Minimum uploading size for Team image is 800*800 px.

Elixar Team Admin View:

You can change Team Section Title, Description, Column Layout, Background Color, Text Color using Customize option. for this

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> customize >> Section : Team >> Section Settings.

Team section Admin View:

Team Front Page View:

Team Single Page View:

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f. Home Testimonial:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Elixar Testimonial >> Add New Testimonial.

Here you can Enter your Client Name, Testimonial, Client Designation, Client Site URL and can Upload Client Image using feature image option.

Minimum uploading size for testimonial image is 150*150 px.

Elixar Testimonial Admin View:

You can find testimonial section related settings in customizer, for this

Go to – Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Section : Testimonial

(I) Testimonial Settings:

Here you can enable/disable testimonial section and can add section id.

(II) Testimonial Content:

Here you can set background image and overlay color for testimonial section. You can also add video URL for Testimonial Background.

Testimonial Front Page View:

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g. Elixar Features:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Section : Feature

(I) Section Settings :

From Section Settings you can enable/disable this section, set the section id, section title and description and feature column layout.

(II) Section Content :

Using Add an item button you can add multiple features.

You need to add title, custom icon or image, description, custom link (option). You can also change background color and text color.

Feature Front Page View:

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h. Home Post/Blog:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Post >> Add New.

Here you can Enter your Post Title, Post Content, Feature Image, Video URL, Gallery Images.

YouTube Video and Gallery Images will be shown on Single Post View.

Minimum uploading size for Blog image :-

  1. Full width – 1090*515 px.
  2.  With side bar – 805*350 px.

You can customize blog section using customizer.

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Section : Blog

(I) Section Settings :

Here you can enable/disable the section, change the section id, set section title and description.

(II) Section Content :

Here you can change the styling of section, Set Number of blog show on Home page, Select category and order by for blog section.

You can also set read more button and related post title.

Blog Front Page View:

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i. Fun Facts:

You can add Unlimited Fun Facts in Elixar Premium. For add Fun Facts

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >>  Section : FunFacts.

(I) Section Settings :

Here you can Enable/Disable FanFacts, Set Section Id, Section Title, Section Description.

(II) Section Content:

Form Section Content section you can change style of funfact, set background image or background video.

Using Add An Item button you can add multiple funfacts.

Fun Facts Frontpage View:

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j. Pricing Table:

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Elixar Pricing Plan >> Add New Plan.

Here you can Enter Plan Name, Price, Currency Symbol, Time Limit, Highlight Best Value Plan, Plan Features, Button text, Button link and Ribbon Settings.

Elixar Pricing Plan Admin View:

You can set pricing plan section main title, description and column layout using Customizer. For this

Go to  :- Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> customize >> Section : Pricing Plan.

(I) Section Settings :

Here you can enable/disable pricing plan section from home page, set section id, section title, description and the pricing plan column layout.

(II) Section Content :

From here you can select styling for pricing plan, select category (optional), background color and text color.

Pricing Plan Front Page View:

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k. Elixar Client:

Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >>  Section : Client.

(I) Section Settings :

Using Section Settings you can enable/disable client section, set section id and section title.

(II) Section Content :

Using Section Content you can change background image, overlay color of background image.

Use Add an item button to add clients. You need to upload client image (Logo) and set client name and URL in order to add client.

Client Front Page View:

l. CallToAction Option:

You can customize CallToAction section using customizer.

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Sections : CallToAction.

(I) CallToAction Settings :

From CallToAction Settings you can enable/disable CallToAction section and can set its id.

(II) CallToAction Background :

From  CallToAction Background Image, you can change section background image and set overlay color.

(III) CallToAction Content:

Form CallToAction Content you can set change text align, large text, small text.

You can also set two button using this section.

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m. Home Contact:

Elixar have a great feature to enable contact us section on home page. For this

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Section : Contact >> Section Settings

Here you enable/disable contact section, set section id, background color and text color.

Contact Option :

(II) Contact Information :

For contact information like address, phone.

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Contact Page Template Options

Find the Contact Info Settings and add your contact information. See below image

Contact Info Front Page View:

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Now go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Footer Option

(I) Footer Option :

Here you can enable the footer Ribbon. Set Footer Layout, Background Color, Text Color, Widget Color, Link Color and Link Hover Color.

Footer Widget Front View

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5. Create Elixar Premium Template:

Elixar Premium theme comes with many template pages. We are explaining below one by one each, how to use or activate different templates?

a. Default Template:

Default page can be used to show any of your content. You can  Create a Default page using these steps:

Go to Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Here you have to give page title/Name, enter page content text editor, page alignment.

Using Select Page Section option you can show any home page content to a page and with Home Page Section Position select them to show on top or bottom.

You can also set Breadcrumbs, title and background image for the page.

Video URL and Image Gallery will show in the form of slider on the page.

Minimum uploading size for Featured image :-

  1. Full width – 1090*515 px.
  2.  With side bar – 805*350 px.

Default Template Admin View:

Front View of Default Template. See the live demos of template:

1. Page Right Sidebar front end view:

2. Page Left Sidebar front end view

3. Page Full Width front end view

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b. 404 Pages:

404 Page template will be display when a visitor on a site request to see unavailable content. The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.

404 Page Front View:

c. Create Portfolio Template:

You can create Portfolio Template to show you amazing works. Elixar Premium have multiple Portfolio template style, you can select of them. For create Portfolio Template follow these steps :-

Go to Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Here you can give page title, add contents, Set portfolio template style.

You can add multiple image for portfolio using Gallery Image Option. You can also add YouTube Video using Video URL Option.

Minimum uploading size for Portfolio image :-

  1. Portfolio Full – 555*420 px.
  2. Portfolio Fluid Full 635*423 px.

Portfolio Template Admin View:

Front View of Portfolio Template. See the live demos of template:

Portfolio Pages:

  1. Portfolio 3 Column:

2. Portfolio 2 Column

3. Portfolio 4 Column

4. Portfolio Fluid 2 Col

5. Portfolio Fluid 3 Col

6. Portfolio Fluid 4 Col

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d. Create Contact Us Page Template:

Go to Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Elixar comes with three contact us page template. You can select any of them for you contact us page.

Contact Us Template Admin View:

You can Change contact us contact and address information from Customizer. for this

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customizer >> Contact page template option.

Theme Option View: 

Contact us Page View: 

Contact Us Page 2 live demo

Contact Us Page 3 live demo

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e. Create About Us Page Template:

Go to Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Elixar Premium comes with two About Us template. You can select any of them.

Minimum uploading size for About us image :-

  1. About Us Two Template – 555*320 px.
  2. About Us One Template – 1140*446px.

About Us Template Admin View:

About Us Page View: 

About Us Page 2 live demo

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f. Create blog Page Template:

To create blog page first you have to add post, for this

Go to Admin Dashboard >> Post >> Add New.

Here you can Enter your Post Title, Post Content, Feature Image, Video URL, Gallery Images.

Minimum uploading size for Blog image :-

  1. Full width – 1090*515 px.
  2.  With side bar – 805*350 px.

Add New Post Admin View:

After add post Go to Admin Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Here you found 3 type of blog page templates (Blog, Blog Timeline and Blog Timeline Slide). You can select any of them.

Add Blog Page Template:

Blog Page View: 

2. Blog Timeline

3. Blog Timeline Side

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Custom Short codes

Elixar Premium theme offers several custom short codes for easy displaying on pages/posts.

In all the Pages/Posts, You have an shortcode button to Add Short-code in the Content editor.

You need to select template as Fluid Layout and Page Alignment as an Full Width in order to display Shortcode.

Here the list of short code:

  1. Section
  2. Column
  3. Title
  4. Accordion
  5. Tabs
  6. Button
  7. Text Box
  8. Social Media Icon
  9. Divider
  10. Counter Box
  11. Skills
  12. Fun Facts
  13. Call To Action
  14. Service
  15. Team Member
  16. Testimonials
  17. Our Clients
  18. Google Maps
  19. Pricing Table
  20. Blockquote
  21. Portfolio Filter

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6. How to create child theme of Elixar premium?

If you make changes to a theme’s files, those changes are likely to be overwritten when you next update the theme. In order to prevent that from happening, we create a child theme in which you can make create copies of a theme’s files and tweak them, without fear of it being overwritten by any future theme updates.

We recommend all of our customers to create a child theme, even if they’re not planning on modifying theme files anytime soon. It’s not hard to create one, you just need to follow the following instructions.

Create a folder named it “awada-child“. Now you have to create just one file inside child theme folder and name it style.css and paste the code given below:

 Theme Name: Elixar Child
 Theme URI: http://webhuntinfotech.com
 Description: This is a child theme of elixar premium
 Author: WebHunt Infotech
 Template: Elixar -Premium
 Version: 0.1
 @import url("../Elixar -Premium/style.css");

Save the changes

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2. How to change Image resolution of Elixar slider?

If you want to change the size of slider.

Go to Elixar-Premium/inc/custom Directory

Open “image_crop.php” File in any text editor. On top of the file you can see add_image_size function. Here you can see all image size option are defined. You can change it according to your requirement, like

add_image_size('elixar_home_slider_bg_image', 1600, 499, true);

Change Width (1600) and Height (499) According to your needed and save changes.

Now re-upload slider images again.

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3. How to Re-Order Posts and Custom Post Types Contents?

You can reorder the posts and any custom post types by using Post Type Order plugin.

You can download it freely from wordpress.org

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4. How to show woocommerce product on home page?

You need to install woocommerce plugin in order to show product section on home page.

And make sure you have added products in woocommerce plugin.

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5. How to add, remove and re-order home sections?

Go to – Admin Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Home Page re-order.

From there you can enable/disable and re-order your Home Page Sections.

See the below image to batter understand how to do this :

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IMPORTANT: If you found a bug in Elixar Premium or have any problem/question concerning the Theme, please post your query into Elixar Premium Support Forum here in our Forum. If you do not find a solution here, do not hesitate to contact us at webhuntinfotech (at) gmail (dot) com.


Thanks For Reading This Document.

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