Popular Parallax Lite Documentation

Installing Popular Parallax Theme using Cpanel / FTP

Download Popular Parallax theme from here into you computer.
Unzip the downloaded zip file.
Upload the unzipped file in to /wp-content/themes/
Now, activate the theme by going to Appearance -> Themes in the WordPress dashboard.
Activate the Popular Parallax and goto “Customize” in the Appearance Menu in the Dashboard for Further settings

(1) General Options

Click on Appearance -> Customize -> Popular Options ->  General Options

You will see a Upload logo image labelled with Select Image button. Click it.
Browse the image logo and save the changes.

You can set logo image width with this option (height will automatically vary according to width).

If you are using a text based logo instead of image you can change logo font with this option.

With this option you can switch between Fixed and Static header.

(2) Parallax Sections

Click on Appearance -> Customize -> Parallax Sections
This section will hold all the section of the website in the order.
You can drag and drop to arrange the order of the section.

First Enable Parallax effect by turning on switch button

Home menu in navigation bar

If you want to show Home menu on navigation bar, Enter it here.

Add new section

First create a new page with title, content.
Give the title of the page same as the name of the section that you want to create.

popular parallax create a page

In Featured image field, Select the background image according to your preference.
If you don’t want any background image then do not upload the Featured image.
In this case , the section will have the background color that you have set in
Page Background color field.

Now goto Posts -> Categories and Create a New category

Now go to appearance -> Customize -> Popular Options-> Parallax Sections
Click on Add new section
You’ll see a fields for page,  layout and category.
In page field, select the created page
In Layout field, Select the section .
You can select from the list of 5 section.
1. Default Section
2. Service Section
3. Portfolio Section
4. Blog Section
5. Call-out

Each section will have different design and functionality. Choose your Required Layout.

In the Category field, Select the category.
Basically category field allow you display list of posts assigned to that category.
For example if you selected a Team section then you need to display the team members.
For this make the category named team member and assign all the post that represent team member to this Category.

Click on Save Options
This will add a new section to your website.

Lets Add a Service Section to site

Add Service Section

Create a page with Title, Content, Select featured image if you want to show background image or leave it blank. Select font color and other options from Page Options metabox.
See above screenshot.
Create a category with name Service (or any name you want)
Create a post with Title, Content and Featured image and assign the service category.
(To show the post under service category, select category as service from right metabox of post editor)
Now Go to appearance -> Customize -> Parallax section
Click on Add New Section
There you will have page, layout and category
In page option -> select the created page from the list
In layout option -> Select section as Service from the list
In category option -> Select category as Service
Click on Save Options

That’s it you have successfully added a service section to your site.
You can add more sections so on.

Add Contact Section

To add a contact page, first you have to install a contact form 7 plugin
Click on Plugins -> Add new
Search contact form 7 plugin
Click Install Button
Activate the plugin
After you activate the plugin, you’ll see Contact Menu in the dashboard Menu,
Click it and Copy the short code

Create a new page with Title, Content
Paste the short code in content of the page.

contact form

Click on appearance -> Customize ->Popular Options->Parallax Section
Click on Add New Section
There you will have page,  layout and category option.
In page option -> select the created page from the list
In layout option -> Select section as Default from the list
Click on Save Options.

Theme Without Parallax Effect

If you don’t want to use parallax effect just disable it to go under Appearance -> Customize -> Parallax Section.
Now Add new page title it Home select Home Template from Page Attributes (on Right side) and publish the page.

Now follow the above Procedures to add sections
Customize->Popular Options->Parallax Section

Make sure you have disable the Parallax Effect

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